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Pharu Analytics signs alliance with G&N Brands to apply Artificial Intelligence in gastronomic holding company

The laboratory specialized in building analytics models for interpretation, prediction and classification through machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other ‘frontier’ technologies, Pharu Analytics, finalized an agreement with G&N Brands, the parent company of the brands Doggis, Juan Maestro, Tommy Beans, Mamut,

Lovdo, Barrio Chick’en and Bloke Burger. The alliance seeks to maximize business opportunities in the gastronomic franchising sector.

Santiago, October 2023. In 2016, Starbucks leveraged data analytics to personalize offers for its members, achieving an 8% increase in profits in the U.S. the quarter following the implementation. U.S. the quarter following implementation. In 2019, McDonald’s acquired a startup dedicated to data analytics. With this technology, they adapted menus in real time and optimized prices, which and optimized pricing, resulting in a notable increase in average sales per transaction, leading to the adoption of the

sales per transaction, leading to the adoption of this solution in more than 8,000 restaurants in the U.S. in U.S. restaurants in the same year. These advances demonstrate the impact and value that data-driven technology can bring to the restaurant industry.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence, as an element of value generation in multiple sectors, is evolving rapidly. multiple sectors are evolving at a rapid pace. And the Chilean industry is joining this trend with the signing of a joint collaboration between Pharu Analytics, the Chilean laboratory specialized in Data Chilean laboratory specialized in Data Analysis to co-construct the future of businesses and organizations on a human scale, and organizations on a human scale and G&N Brands, the largest food holding company in Chile. largest food holding company in Chile.

The goal is to use Artificial Intelligence as an additional tool to improve the economic outlook for gastronomic franchising. the economic perspectives in terms of gastronomic franchises, but also to optimize decisions in all areas of the optimize decisions in all areas of the gastronomic holding as a whole,

such as improving results in sales and economic activity in its own premises.

For this, Pharu Analytics and G&N Brands will jointly design a strategy of analytics strategy to generate value transversally in the company, with a focus on customers. customers. To achieve this, the Chilean company will collect information and data from the gastronomic franchising sector, the gastronomic franchising sector in order to detect better opportunities. After that, a proprietary After that, a proprietary analytics system will be generated, which will speed up the effective development of the business strategy for G&N Brands. business strategy for G&N Brands.

In addition, thanks to the machine learning system, the analytics system will be more and more accurate in providing information for better results in G&N Brands’ business strategy.

“As Pharu Analytics we are very thankful to be able to accompany G&N Brands in their transformation process using our Goal Based Data Organization method. We are confident that together we will generate a lot of value to the company and its customers, connecting their strategy with our world-class method and frontier technology”, explains Alejandro Inzunza, Co-Chairman of G&N Brands, explains Alejandro Inzunza, Co-Founder of Pharu Analytics and Managing Partner of Symnetics. Symnetics.

Pharu is a laboratory that has part of its team in Boston and in Chile is connected with business oriented connected with business oriented management capacity.

It is worth mentioning that the holding of franchises and gastronomic opportunities of Chilean origin has already reported historical figures for the company during this 2023, reaching an accumulated July of this year with a sales growth of 15.6% over the previous year.

Therefore, with this new alliance, G&N Brands takes another step forward on the road to digital transformation, incorporating Artificial Intelligence into its strategic matrix to continue evolving hand in hand with innovation and data technology.

In this regard, José Luis Lagos, Corporate Business Director of G&N Brands said that “this new Data Analytics project aims to achieve a 180° transformation of our company in the medium and long term, allowing us to optimize all our processes through information and tools of the latest technology to maximize the operations of our entire ecosystem, generating value and differentiating opportunities for the company, focused differentiation opportunities for the company, with a focus on our clients”.

In this way, G&N Brands, hand in hand with Pharu Analytics, moves forward in line with the remarkable growth of this new technology in the country. remarkable growth that this new technology has had in the country, considering that this year Chile was this year Chile was positioned as the leader in the Latin American Artificial Intelligence Index (ILIA), a public study that Artificial Intelligence Index (ILIA), a public study that provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the current state of AI in Latin America. of AI in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The application of analytics models with Artificial Intelligence offers numerous benefits, from informed decision making to process optimization and automation. optimization and automation of processes. Thus, the alliance between Pharu Analytics and the Chilean gastronomic holding company, the Chilean gastronomic holding company, will have an impact both on the improvement of the operations of the franchise operations, as well as on the experience of end users, providing them with a more efficient and personalized service. more efficient and personalized service.

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