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Pharu Analytics and Sym are part of ChileMass Innovation Day 2024

Boston is getting ready to host the most important innovation summit in Chile!

Santiago, Chile – The date is already marked on the calendar: ChileMass Innovation Day 2024 will be held next October 9th and 10th, in the vibrant city of Boston. Pharu and Sym, members of the ChileMass Hub, will be a key part of this initiative, which promises to be a source of inspiration and innovation.

The official launch was held recently in Santiago, was a resounding success and was attended by Alejandro Inzunza, Co-Founder of Pharu and Managing Partner of Sym, who was part of an inspiring Fireside Chat with Francisca Castillo and Stephanie Soetendal, who along with Lorenzo Gazmuri, director of ChileMass, shared valuable experiences in the field of innovation. It also brought together key figures from business and civil society, highlighting the relevance of this meeting as a bridge to open minds, explore new opportunities and connect with global leaders and innovators.

“The connection with the companies is very necessary, and that is what we do from Pharu Analytics and Sym. ChileMass helps us precisely in this connection, and in going hand in hand with advanced technologies. It is a first level Hub, probably the most important of Chile with the United States,” said Alejandro Inzunza, stressing the importance of this event for the Chilean technology ecosystem.

The presence of representatives of Pharu Analytics and Sym at the launch did not go unnoticed. Both companies, which since December 2023 are part of the ChileMass Hub, demonstrated their strong commitment to innovation and technological development both in Chile and abroad.

Fernanda Soza, Executive Director of ChileMass, highlighted and valued the alliance between the organizations, mentioning that: “It was very interesting to have one of the founders of Pharu and CEO of Symnetics, Alejandro Insunza. To be able to listen to his experience, the whole relationship with Boston and the importance of connecting with these innovation poles. We are very grateful for his presence and for being able to have partners of this category as part of the ChileMass family”.

Samuel Toro, Partner at Symnetics, contributed his vision on the opportunities that this collaboration opens up: “At Sym, we believe that especially mining has a huge opportunity to generate ties with this ecosystem in the United States”.

ChileMass Innovation Day 2024 promises to be an inspiring and enriching event, bringing together leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to explore new frontiers in the world of technology and innovation. The event’s agenda will include panel discussions and sessions focused on diverse topics such as the geopolitical effects of technological transformation, the future of work, management in the age of hyperconnectivity, continuous learning and how to address digital loneliness.

Freddy Coronado, Partner of Sym, extends an invitation to current and future clients to be part of these spaces for collaboration with other companies. “We invite you to connect with each other, seek spaces for collaboration and to dream together a more productive future for Chile, and a more humane one as well.”

Pharu Analytics and Sym are ready to play a leading role in the ChileMass Innovation Day 2024, reaffirming their leadership and vision of the future in the field of innovation. Both will lead this year’s sSyman “Empowering the Next Wave”, which will focus on the future of work, how to manage in the era of hyperconnectivity, the geopolitical effects of technological transformation, lifelong learning and how to deal with digital loneliness.

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