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Alexis Montecinos at SOMA meeting: AI as a strategic tool for organizational transformation

Last Thursday, May 16, the second Workshop and Meeting of Ambassadors of the Maintenance Operating System (SOMA) of an important mining company was held, an instance in which SYM played a crucial role as facilitator of the event.
The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the organizational capacity through the SOMA ambassadors, a group specifically selected to promote this strategic project at divisional level. Our consulting firm collaborated by offering an innovative perspective on organizational transformation, focusing on the use of advanced analytics.

Alexis Montecinos, Co Founder of Pharu Anlytics and partner at SYM, had the opportunity to share his vast experience in transforming global organizations through Artificial Intelligence (AI). In his presentation entitled “AI as a strategic capability: the value-added revolution”, he invited attendees to reflect on how to use this emerging technology to generate added value in the organization. He also highlighted the importance of identifying the most appropriate AI applications for the corporation, considering the various areas where this technology can be effectively implemented. He also explained that with Pharu Analytics’ Goal-Based Data Organization methodology, added value can be sought: “this strategic analytics model focuses on the problems, needs and availability of the organization, instead of focusing solely on the data, allowing a more effective and targeted application of AI, ensuring that the proposed solutions are aligned with the specific objectives and challenges of the organization,” said Alexis.

The day concluded with a teamwork-oriented dynamic, led by Claudia Zamora, coach and senior consultant in the Maintenance Asset Management Project at this mining company. Claudia, who is in charge of interactions related to cultural transformation within the SOMA maintenance project, guided the participants in activities designed to strengthen collaborative work and cohesion in the work teams.

For Samuel Toro, managing partner and leader of the Mining business line at SYM, the bet is that through the human factor the required changes are achieved at the process level, which translates into a significant impact for the business, in this case for the Corporation. “Behind every transformation process are the teams, mobilizers of change. Hence the relevance of this workshop, where the relationship between standardization, the processes behind SOMA and people, as relevant actors in connecting the different parts that coexist in asset management, is manifested.”

Cultural transformation is one of the key dimensions of the maintenance project at SOMA and these activities are essential to foster positive and sustainable change in the organizational culture. Symnetics, through its expertise and innovative approach, continues to be a strategic partner in this process of institutional transformation.

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