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About us

Pharu Analytics a specialized lab

Pharu Analytics is a laboratory specialized in building analytics models for interpretation, prediction and classification of the immeasurable amount of information available through machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other 'frontier' technologies.

We believe that data is a tool, not an end

At Pharu Analytics we use the power of data to help companies and organizations make better business decisions, predict trends, and install the capabilities needed to address the challenging questions the future holds for them.


Co-build the future of businesses and organizations on a human scale, to generate a span>positive impact✓ on the ecosystem.

Our alliances

We have entered into a strategic alliance under which we are formally a «Google Partner» for Latam. 

This is undoubtedly a milestone for our organization and its recent birth. We are very proud to move forward in the frontier of Analytics with this technology giant. In turn, this demonstrates Pharu Analytics’ strong commitment to excellence and to delivering a unique service to our clients. We look forward to continue improving our strategic analytics approach, where the focus is on generating value and positively impacting the organizations where we work, through our Goal-Based Data Organization method.


in conjunction with

During Symnetics’ trajectory in strategic consulting and OptiumSBI’s trajectory in advanced analytical consulting, both companies noticed the need to use data to solve business problems. In this way, an organization’s pains and the losses they entail can be minimized.

For this to be sustainable over time, the ability to understand the business and the industry is needed, in order to install the analytics solution in the company’s strategy.