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Data Analytics for everyone

Today's world and organizations in particular, require an understanding of the importance of data within them.

This knowledge, however, should be focused on serving as a means to solve business problems, through optimal strategies, always prioritizing the firm's objectives and thus maximizing the added value. In Pharu Analytics we are committed to your learning. That is why in this section you can learn about Business Analytics and frontier technologies to add value to your organization.

Data Courses


Business Analytics Basis

Bases of the Business Analytics: Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Mathematics for Machine Learning

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python

Linear regression in Python

Regression models: Non-linear models

Classification Models

Classification Models

Classification Models

The relevance of visualization in business analytics

The relevance of visualization in business analytics

Cross Validation en Python

Introduction to Python

Linear Regression in Python

Neural Networks


Stochastic Gradient Descent Redes

Neural Networks: RNN (practical class)

Neural networks: CNN (practical class)