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Symnetics and Pharu Analytics join ChileMass HUB to drive innovation and technological development

The strategic management consulting firm Symnetics and Pharu Analytics, a laboratory specialized in building analytics models, joined the ChileMass HUB, a U.S.-based organization whose mission is to build a technology and knowledge transfer bridge between Chile and Massachusetts. The alliance seeks to catalyze opportunities to innovate, connecting firms with the Boston innovation ecosystem that is at the forefront in the development of disruptive technologies.

Santiago – Massachusetts, December 2023. In the knowledge economy, connection to innovation hubs is key. Just like essential infrastructure (highways and utility lines), countries also need to build intangible bridges that allow the flow of knowledge. This is why Symnetics, a strategic consulting firm that promotes the renewal of the business vision to achieve an impact on society and our planet, together with Pharu Analytics, the Chilean laboratory specialized in data analysis to co-construct the future of businesses and organizations on a human scale, have joined the ChileMass HUB, a non-profit organization established in the United States, which has the support of the governments of Chile and Massachusetts.

Being part of this Hub considers the linkage of Symnetics and the development of collaborations with institutions of interest, whether they are companies, universities or entities in Massachusetts and Chile, for which ChileMass will lead this relationship management. The organization will also provide support in the planning, management and accompaniment of visits of delegations formed by Symnetics clients to Boston and in the realization of talks and workshops for these recipients. In addition, ChileMass will raise the visibility of the consulting firm within its community in Massachusetts and Chile, including the members of the ChileMass HUB.

Among the highlights of this agreement are:
●Technology transfer: the new business partners are committed to sharing knowledge and advanced technologies, facilitating the exchange of experiences and deepening technological development in organizations.
● Joint research and development: the parties will collaborate closely on research and development projects, seeking innovative solutions that address current and future challenges in various areas, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, automation and sustainable technology.
● Access to international markets: Symnetics, Pharu Analytics and ChileMass will work hand in hand to identify opportunities for expansion into international markets, leveraging Symnetics’ expertise and global presence to boost the reach of jointly developed technology solutions.
● Collaboration in education and training: the organizations are committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge through educational and training programs, contributing to the development of talent in the technological field.

Alejandro Inzunza, managing partner of Symnetics and co-founder of Pharu Analytics, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic collaboration, noting that “this agreement represents a unique opportunity to combine the experience and innovation of Symnetics and Pharu with the vision and potential of ChileMass, creating an environment conducive to the development of cutting-edge technology solutions”.

Fernanda Soza, Executive Director of ChileMass, said that “we are very pleased to welcome Symnetics and Pharu Analytics, companies that are tremendously connected between Chile and the entire East Coast of the United States. We believe that this collaboration that we are generating is a tremendous contribution for all the companies that are part of our Hub, as well as for all the others that are part of the ChileMass community. We hope that this collaboration will bear much fruit”.

Angelica Iriarte, general manager of Symnetics, noted that “collaboration is the key to progress, and by joining forces with ChileMass, we are confident that we will bring to life innovative ideas that will transform industries and improve people’s lives. This agreement represents Symnetics’ commitment to excellence, quality and the constant drive towards a brighter strategic and technological future.

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