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Pharu Analytics announces strategic alliance with Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center UC

This week, the data lab Pharu Analytics, together with the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, announced a strategic alliance to provide organizations with expert advice on Business Intelligence tools and methodologies. This collaboration aims to optimize the channeling, management and capture of data, allowing companies to maximize the value obtained from these cutting-edge technologies.

Business Intelligence is a key tool in the achievement of business objectives, allowing us to identify opportunities, optimize processes and obtain competitive advantages. Its proper application drives success, fosters innovation and improves decision making, generating significant benefits in a dynamic business environment.

Through this alliance, the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center will act as an orchestrator engine of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, promoting a collaborative meeting space for joint work between academia, the private and public sector.

For its part, Pharu Analytics, through its knowledge of business analytics, will contribute with the use of its unique approach, determining how to maximize the value of organizations through the strategic use of analytics, considering their different objectives.

This method of analytics is known as Goal Based Data Organization and was created by one of its founders, Alexis Montecinos, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been implemented in the solution of dozens of problems in different industries, in various countries around the world.

“This partnership is a great milestone for Pharu Analytics. We are very honored to achieve a partnership with a world-class business and innovation center. We expect to generate great synergies together, in order to create the greatest impact on the organizations we jointly advise. It will be a great learning stage for both institutions”, commented Alexis Montecinos, managing director and co-founder of Pharu Analytics.

This alliance will allow companies to close gaps with respect to the use of data and information and enhance decision-making processes, bringing them closer to the state of the art of data architecture, collection and use.

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